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We’ll Fight for Your Rights!

At our law firm, the client comes first. We will start with an initial consultation where we will take basic information about your case and determine what possible legal claims or defenses you may have. As the case progresses and we will continue gathering the information we need and thoroughly research the issues of law. While we cannot guarantee a particular result, the preparation that we do prior to trial is the most important factor in determining the outcome of your case.

Business and Consumer Litigation:

Most business related transactions involve some sort of contract. Whether your case involves the sale of property, goods, professional services, your landlord, your tenant, a loan, a credit card, an employment matter, rental property, home improvement, construction, motor vehicle repair, or a vehicle warranty, it is probably based on some right or obligation that you have under the terms of a contract. Other possible claims may include fraud, unfair & deceptive trade practices, negligence, or some other claim. As a consumer or employee, you may also have additional claims under North Carolina or Federal Law.


In addition to business litigation, we also provide representation for personal injury or wrongful death cases arising from someone else’s negligence.

If you are uncertain whether your case falls into one of these categories, call us today.

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